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Practices and Industries: Construction Construction

Hanson Baker offers a broad range of legal services to support individuals and companies involved in construction projects.  Our clients range from homeowners and small contractors to major national construction companies and sureties.   We have been involved in projects ranging from residential remodels to major commercial projects having construction costs in excess of $300 million.

Hanson Baker attorneys have extensive experience in:

Contract Negotiation and Drafting
Dispute Avoidance and Resolution
Construction Liens, Lien Foreclosures and Claims against Bonds and Retainage
Surety Bonds

Contract Negotiation and Drafting.  We have represented owners and contractors in negotiating and drafting contracts for:

  • Construction of Qwest Field (football and soccer stadium)
  • Major expansion at Harborview Medical Center, including two new buildings
  • Major mixed-use building in Seattle
  • New medical center near Eugene, Oregon with over one million square feet of new construction
  • Major expansion and renovation of the Seattle Aquarium
  • Data centers in the state of Washington
  • Prisons in the state of Washington
  • Hotels in Washington and Oregon
  • Major rental car facility and parking structure at Sea-Tac Airport
  • Renovations to baggage handling system at Sea-Tac Airport
  • Envelope modifications to condominium buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Custom homes

Dispute Avoidance and Resolution.  Hanson Baker attorneys strive to have our clients avoid disputes, and we have been quite successful in doing so.  However, due to the risks involved in the construction industry some disputes are inevitable, and when they occur we devote our efforts to promptly and efficiently resolving them.   A small portion of disputes simply cannot be resolved by negotiation and go on to some formal dispute resolution process such as mediation, arbitration, and/or litigation.  In addition, we have had extensive experience with the third-party neutral evaluation process.  In fact, we have acted as the third-party neutral in several cases.

We have aided our clients in the following representative dispute resolution matters:

  • Contractor claim and owner counterclaim on a prison project with over $30 million at issue
  • Homeowner/contractor dispute with over $5 million at issue
  • Disputes between developers and utilities contractors relating to defective work
  • Electrical subcontractor claim in excess of $1.5 million
  • Baggage handling subcontractor claim for several million dollars
  • Contractor claim arising from the construction of a casino
  • Defect claims in condominiums

Construction Lien and Claims against Bonds and Retainage.  We have been involved in hundreds of lien claims against real property arising from disputes on private projects and claims against retainage and bond arising from disputes on public projects.  We have represented the claimants, the owners and contractors who allegedly owed money to the lien claimant, as well as representing the surety.  This type of claim is often quite technical, and it is highly advisable to utilize an attorney who is experienced in the area.

Surety Bonds.  Hanson Baker represents national surety companies that write construction surety bonds in Washington for private and public projects.  We have been very involved in aiding sureties in protecting their rights when demands have been made against them and their principals, including coordinating termination and take-over agreements and negotiating contracts with replacement contractors.   We have resolved many claims against performance bonds and hundreds of claims against payment bonds.  A few of those have resulted in litigation, but the vast majority have been successfully negotiated.

Representative Construction Decisions
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