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Hanson Baker Ludlow Drumheller Creditors' Rights Representative Matters Representative Matters: Creditors' Rights

  • Represented lenders and other creditors in all types of bankruptcy and receivership proceedings.

  • Represented landlord in leveraged buyout of local company that had filed chapter 11.

  • Represented condominium associations in unit owners' Chapter 13 proceedings to protect the associations' assessment lien.

  • Represented lenders in foreclosure matters which eventually were converted to bankruptcies by debtor's inability to pay.

  • Served as counsel to Creditors’ Committee in numerous Chapter 11 cases including multi-state retail linen business, fast food restaurant chain, trucking company, and sausage manufacturer.

  • Represented asset purchaser in major computer retail bankruptcy.

  • Appointed by Court as Trustee in troubled Chapter 11 cases, responsible for managing business and then liquidating assets for the benefit of creditors.

  • Served as counsel to Committee of Investors in Oregon bankruptcy/receivership action where 1800 investors were owed over $435 million, with anticipated recovery of over 50% of claims.

  • Successfully defended preference actions in cases brought around the country.

  • Represented PACA lien claimants in grocery and restaurant bankruptcies, resulting in full recovery of claims.

  • Served as Chapter 7 panel trustee, liquidating assets and pursuing claims.

  • Served as attorney for bankruptcy trustees, pursuing fraud and related claims, preference actions, and arranging sales of assets.

  • Advised commercial businesses and lenders in general collection matters and recovery of assets or receivables

  • Commenced actions for involuntary bankruptcy or conversion of case from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 when stricter court supervision was called for to protect client’s interests