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Practices and Industries: Real Estate Real Estate

Hanson Baker represents individuals and local, regional and national companies in a broad range of real estate services.  This includes buying, selling or leasing properties, as well as land-use planning and financing.  Our project development services include preparing covenants, easements and operating agreements, organizing owners' associations and developing architectural standards.  We assist clients with leasing, selling or tax-free exchanging the completed project, and any other matters that may be encountered before, during and after the completion of the project. We represent numerous lenders when a borrower defaults.  We help landlords and tenants in the office, warehouse/industrial, retail, medical and apartment sectors with new leases, renewals, modifications, terminations and disputes.

Hanson Baker attorneys have extensive experience in:

Commercial and Residential Purchases and Sales
Condominium Development
Condominium and Homeowners Associations
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)
Liens and Foreclosures
Real Estate Development (Commercial and Residential)
Real Property Finance
Self Storage Facilities
Title Insurance Coverage and Defense

  • Commercial Purchases and Sales. Represented buyer of suburban property slated for residential re-development.  Drafted and negotiated purchase and sale agreement and addenda to address issues discovered during due diligence review.  Negotiated accommodation with neighbor over encroachment.  Advised on related financing and insurance issues.
  • Commercial Purchases and Sales. Represented seller of large tract of vacant urban land to municipality.  Negotiated purchase and sale agreement, with special attention to limiting representations and warranties and ensuring confidentiality.
  • Condominium Development. Hanson Baker attorneys represent developers in many condominium projects, including multi-phase garden-style residential developments, mixed-use buildings, office and industrial parks and innovative "airspace" plans.  An example was a cutting-edge cottage housing project with a master condominium consisting of two large airspace units, each of which contained a sub-condominium consisting of different housing product.
  • Condominium and Homeowners Associations. Prepared easy-to-use and understand ballot and amendment for condominium owners to update their governing documents to better manage insurance coverage, cap the number of permitted rental units and adjust the accounting provisions.  We included a one-page summary in the ballot to help the association's board and owners identify the key issues.
  • Condominium and Homeowners Associations. Developed a streamlined, cost-effective collection system emphasizing systematic steps to encourage payment by and future responsibility of delinquent owners.
  • Condominium Unit Owners. Represented owner of condominium unit in claim against condominium association for failure to properly maintain the common elements, which led to flooding and damages to the owner's unit.  As a result, condominium association agreed to repair owner's unit at its cost.
  • Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. Drafted CC&Rs for an 8-lot commercial subdivision of a portion of an existing binding site plan created and controlled by a large national retailer.  In reviewing the site plan and preparing the CC&Rs, we thoroughly considered marketing needs of both the developer and the future retail tenants, the requirements established by the national retailer and the local jurisdiction, and engineering and construction practicalities.
  • Liens and Foreclosures. We have brought and defended hundreds of cases involving construction liens on private projects and claims against retainage and bonds on public projects.  (See our practice areas for more information).
  • Leasing. Represented landlord in leasing approximately 16,000 square feet of office space to expanding technology company in prime suburban location.  Worked with landlord, brokers and tenant’s attorney to ensure it resulted in a mutually beneficial deal.  Negotiated scope of tenant improvements and obtained adequate security, including guarantees and letter of credit.
  • Leasing. Represented owner in negotiating terms of ground lease and financing for a mixed-use commercial development on a downtown Seattle city block valued at several hundred million dollars.
  • Leasing. Represented national retailer with over 300 locations in negotiating new locations in the Northwest using standardized, client-approved, tenant-friendly forms.  Services included lease negotiation, document preparation, title review and Phase 1 analysis.
  • Leasing. Represented medical office tenant in successful lease negotiation for specialty practice in office/retail center.  Specific issues handled included permissible uses, parking and insurance.
  • Real Estate Development. Assisted developer with all aspects of development, including city, state and federal land use matters, property line issues, title exceptions, easements and other matters for complex 17 lot residential development.  Negotiated with city planning department, neighboring homeowners associations, opponents to the project and others.  Drafted agreements with neighbors, CC&Rs, easements and other necessary documents.  Prosecuted and defended lawsuits related to the project to resist interference.
  • Real Property Finance.   Represented four eastside community banks—one for more than 20 years—in the preparation and review of commercial land development, construction, and residential loan documents, including review and modifications of Laser Pro generated loan documents.  We have provided these same services to individuals who make loans secured by real estate, such as property sellers who seller-finance their sales.
  • Real Property Finance.   Represented property owners in negotiating the terms of commitment letters for large loans, reviewing the lenders' loan documents, and advising the property owners on the lenders' compliance with the conditions stated in the commitment letters.
  • Residential Purchases and Sales. Cost-effectively prepared purchase and sale agreement for a couple in Issaquah who were purchasing the home they had been leasing.  As with many such transactions, for the sake of economy and to reassure the seller, we used standard legal forms, but built in custom contingencies to address the buyers' needs.
  • Self-Storage Facilities.  Represented numerous self-storage owners and operators in the sale of facilities, preparation of rental agreements and advice on the Washington Self-Storage Statute.
  • Title Insurance Coverage and Defense. Represented a title-insured purchaser of a $5,400,000 apartment complex in a claim that its purchase should be rescinded.
  • Title Insurance Coverage and Defense. Represented owner of a North Seattle apartment house in a lawsuit brought by a neighbor contending the owner's tenants could not use access and parking easement on the neighbor's property.  The neighbor stipulated to the validity of the easement after receiving our summary judgment motion.
  • Title Insurance Coverage and Defense. Represented waterfront property owner, benefited by an access easement over upland property, in a lawsuit brought by the burdened property owner claiming that the owner had lost the right to use a portion of the easement.
  • Title Insurance Coverage and Defense. Defended title insurance companies in cases where the insured parties (or recipients of preliminary commitments) contended that their title products misstated the status of title to their properties.
  • Title Insurance Coverage and Defense. Represented owner in an application to King County DDES requesting that the owner be excused from having to apply for a short plat of its property under an innocent purchaser exception to the County's subdivision regulations.